EEC Training Show

On Monday I went to EEC which meant going straight from school, changing in the car and being ready to ride when we got there. I have never done a training show before for jumping so I was quite excited. When we got there I discovered that I was going to ride B and Creme which was really great.

We went over to find the horses and the grooms and gave carrots to B as she loves those the most. The groom tacked up Creme and I jumped on and headed down to the ring we had been directed to. When we got there I realised there was no need to be nervous as the jumps were the smallest cross poles that you have ever seen!

However everyone came to watch and it was nice to do a course somewhere different and of course pick up 2 rosettes as getting a clear round on this course was pretty much a given. Because the course was so small I was able to practise my technique, turns and ensuring that I had “some” control.  I guess it has just given me the enthusiasm to do even more exciting jumps in the future, the goal is to be in the big arena before Christmas.



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