A full packed week

Last week was hard! I had three lessons with Marcus plus I had a lot of homework to fit in and then it was my little sisters birthday. So we all struggled to get everything fitted in.

Monday was my first session with Marcus, it was really good to get another view on my riding as my only instructor to now has been Declan who has been so encouraging all along. Marcus basically said I lacked experience and needed to improve my balance and he said  I needed to really master sitting trot to move forward. But on the plus side he said I had a good feel for jumping and I was doing really well for the short time I had ridden.

Marcus worked me really hard and I enjoyed the challenge. He taught me again on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was totally exhausted by Wednesday and found the class really hard. While Monday and Tuesday I came out of the classes on a high I felt pretty despondent on the Wednesday and I had a jumping competition on the Friday morning.

On Thursday the dog had to go back to the vet (again). Mum had to sort out Kittys birthday and another load of things that were happening so we didn’t get to the stables for the last practice for the competition on Friday. Declan arranged for B to get schooled but I was really nervous for Friday.

Friday morning started at 2.30am as my sister was so super excited about her birthday! – She woke up, the dogs woke up and Mum chased us all back to bed! At 4am she tried and again and this time we got up. Kitty managed to get “because it’s my birthday” into every single sentence and she unwrapped a few small presents then we had to head over to Desert Palm, I was really uncomfortable and so nervous. Declan brought B down in a trailer and the grooms got her tacked up while we walked the course, I suddenly doubted that I could do it. However, Declan ignored my nerves and told me “to jump on and start riding”. It was complete chaos there were horses with novice riders charging in every direction over the practice jumps and it really seemed as though there were very few riders with any control there at all. I had a simple cross pole course to go round first to get my confidence up and the plan was to trot round in total control, which is exactly what I did, so I came out feeling a bit better and jumped off to rest B before they put the height of the jumps up. This was a timed round but Declan still insisted that I jumped calmly and in total control. B is a dream horse and did exactly what was asked of her.

I had a clear round in the cross poles


Then, of course, we had to do the bigger poles (I know they are not massive) but it was the first time doing a timed course. I was on early which was nice and my video is below. In terms of time I had a second place which was great and I look forward to moving up the classes.  I think the 3 days with Marcus certainly helped in terms of control.  You can see my video here.

This week I have lessons with Charmaine to help with dressage and I look forward to seeing how improved I will be in the competition at the end of the week.


After finishing the jumping, Mum took Kitty to the hairdressers as a birthday treat ready for brunch with some friends. We had a fabulous day and then Kitty finally got home to open her birthday presents the next day as we had been too busy on the friday! She is now 12 years old and starting to compete with me to ride B so watch this space!





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